What is the Aerospace and Defense Electronics Market?

Aerospace and Defense


Aerospace and defense manufacturers develop aircraft and spacecraft for the commercial sector, and military aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, tanks, and other products for the United States and other militaries. The A&D Electronics segment consists of manufacturers of electronic systems found in the aircraft and in ground support systems.

How Big is the Aerospace and Defense Electronics Market?

Market research firm Axis Research Mind (ARM) forecasts that the aerospace and defense electronics market is expected to reach US$248.2 billion by 2018 with much of the growth coming from the engineering / aeronautics (body), inflight entertainment, avionics and engine application sectors.

How is the Aerospace and Defense Electronics Market Segmented?

Key Market Segments and Application Areas Include:


  • Avionics – monitoring, communications, navigation, radar (weather, targeting), moving map, black boxes
  • Engineering/Aeronautics – flight management systems, computer-aided aircraft design, electronic protection, electronic support, auto-land systems
  • Inflight Entertainment and Other Accessories – inflight audio and video systems, inflight games, inflight internet
  • Other aircraft systems – air ambulance systems, simulation and training systems, electronic warfare systems, drones and other robotic systems