Annual India Enterprise Mobility Summit 2014

07.08.14 - 07.10.14 | Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail |

The Imperial New Delhi
New Delhi, India

The business environment in India has undergone an immense transition in the last decade, especially with respect to work process and flow. The need for connectivity anywhere and at any time, has pushed enterprises to seek real-time execution of projects, virtual interaction between colleagues and with clients, and seamless communication. These factors have necessitated enterprises to provide company-owned mobile devices to their workforce in order to enable access to workflow applications and render a virtual workplace.

However, as new smartphones and tablets continue to stream into the market, enterprise end users are increasingly interested in equipping themselves with state-of-the-art devices. This constant up gradation adds to the operational cost of enterprises, which is not preferred in this age of cost cutting. Moreover, converging personal and professional needs has led to a scenario where employees prefer to bring their own devices to the workplace so as to fulfil the need for constant connectivity through their own latest devices. Businesses simply cannot ignore these situations any longer, as the business case for a more mobile workforce is compelling.


Janpath Lane, Connaught Place
New Delhi, DL 110001

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