Cyber Security for Oil and Gas

06.16.14 - 06.18.14 | Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail |

The IQPC 2nd Annual Cyber Security for Oil and Gas Summit will bring together the oil and gas industry to address critical concerns and trends with regard to the development of cyber security threats. The complex nature of cyber attacks and those specifically levied against critical infrastructure such as the oil and gas industry necessitate a progressive approach in their detection and eradication. The oil and gas industry will need to address these cyber threats to their organization's physical and digital assets, lest they be exploited. Exploitation of their assets through such attacks could arise on operational controls with attacks similar to Stuxnet as well as their commercial data through ransomware attacks that are becoming more prevalent like crypto-locker.


6 E Greenway Plaza
Houston, TX 77046
United States

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