Frequently Asked Questions


How do I Advertise on

Just click on this link to our Advertising Information page and take it from there. We’d love to have you aboard.


Who is TechZibits?

We are a team of marketing folks from across a broad cross section of the hi-tech industries. We have first hand experience in markets from embedded to cloud computing, software to semiconductors, and IT to telecom.
Between us we have walked many hundreds of miles of trade show aisles across each and every continent and planned and executed booths from small conference 10x10s to multi-floor monstrosities at CeBIT or CES. We’ve delivered 100’s of presentations and conducted numerous media briefings, customer and partner meetings. We’ve also attended our fair share of events to continue our own education. We know the hi-tech event business from all sides!

Why a Hi-Tech Trade Show Website?

We know how hard it is to put on a trade show and to get the most out of attending one whether you are an attendee or exhibitor.While there are a great many websites that help with trade shows in general (and there is always Google search!), there is no “one-stop-shop” site that provides a global hi-tech event directory with more in-depth information, trade show previews and reviews, marketing tips and a resource directory. So, we decided to start TechZibits to assist both attendees and exhibitors in finding information about trade shows, conferences, user group meetings, seminars and other industry and educational events.


Why do You Need All the Information for My Profile?

TechZibits requires only a minimum of information while setting up a profile. We know you want to get it done quickly. The information we do ask for only helps us to provide a tailored user experience for every visitor.

Can I Save Results from each Search for Further Research?

Absolutely. To save a particular search result to your “interest” list, simply click on the gray heart icon that appears to the right of the event name. When selected, the show is added to your My Favorites list and the heart turns red.
Please note that you have to be logged in to use the My Favorites capability. To Log In or Register, click on the appropriate link at the very top of the page.
To view your My Favorites list, click on your login name at the top of the web page and select “My Favorites” from the dropdown menu.

How does the Near Search Criteria Work?

As you would expect, Near is used to narrow the geographic scope of the search. However, it works a bit differently that a general zip code search; it works more like a Google search. As you start to enter the name of a place (a city like Chicago or a place such as McCormick Place), a type-ahead list that Zibits knows about will appear. Type enough of your place name so that what you are looking for appears on the dropdown list, select that entry and hit search. And zip codes work too!
The Near results include entries from surrounding cities – roughly a 50 mile radius from your place. For example, entering San Jose as your place, Near will find events in the surrounding cities such as Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, but not San Francisco. Entering Oakland will find events in San Francisco, but not San Jose. However, if you enter California, Near actually gets a bit confused and returns no results because the search center point is somewhere in the middle of the state. In this case, click on Show Advanced Search link and use the Country and State/Province fields.
Please note that the Near field must be blank for the Country field to appear and you must select a country for the State/Prov field to be displayed.

The Basic Keyword Search seems to Return a lot of Results. Why?

The basic search has two parameters; Keyword and Near. Keywords can be almost anything – a technology (e.g. semiconductors), acronyms (such as SSD or ATCA), an industry (e.g. Medical Equipment), or a topic (try cloud computing). When you provide keywords, Zibits searches for any event that has that keyword in its program description. This means that you will see everything from shows that are totally dedicated to your topic to events that may have a small percentage of the program that fits your keyword.
Also, since ours is a global database, you will see shows from around the world. You can use the Near parameter or the Advanced Search to refine narrow your results.

The Fields in the Advanced Search Form seem to Change. How do I use Advanced Search?

You are correct – the Advanced Search form is dynamic. Here’s how you use each field.

  • Dates – enter the From (leftmost field) / To (right field) dates using the Calendar that appears when you select the field. This ensures that the date is entered in the correct search format. You can enter just one date and Zibits does the right thing.
  • Category – the folks at TechZibits have identified over 25 categories to classify events. Categories are mostly along industry lines (such as Healthcare and Telecommunications) and some along technical topic lines (such as Security). Use the dropdown list to select the most appropriate category for your search. At this time, you can only choose a single category.
  • Country – use the Country field to narrow the geographic scope of your search. Depending upon what Country you select, an additional State/Prov field may appear to allow you to narrow your search even further. For example, when you select United States, the State/Prov field allows you to select a specific state. When you select Canada or Australia, the dropdown allows you to select a province. At this time,you can select only a signle State/Prov. (Note that the Country field does not appear if you have something in the Near field. Make sure the NEAR field is blank for the Country field to be displayed).

The Advanced Search fields (Dates, Category, Country, State/Prov) are “sticky.” That is, the settings persist between searches. If you are doing multiple searches, you may have to clear/change the advanced fields to get the results you are after.

What do I do if I Don’t Find any Trade Shows?

The most frequent reason for an “empty search” is that one or more of the Advanced Search fields are set incorrectly. The Advanced Search fields (Dates, Category, Country, State/Prov) are “sticky.”  That is, the settings persist between searches. If you are doing multiple searches, you may have to clear/change the advanced fields to get the results you are after.
The Near field can also be a bit quirky. It limits the search to a 50 mile radius from the center of the place you entered. For example, entering United States in the Near field always results in an empty search because it uses the exact center of the US as the basis for its search. Try using the County field in Advanced Search to select the appropriate geography.
While it is rare to get an empty search when using Keywords, make sure that the terms that you entered are broadly used in the industry. Acronyms sometimes can be a challenge – try spelling everything out and see what happens. Finally, if your keyword still doesn’t work, try using the Category field in Advanced Search.

Please drop us a note about your particular search. We’ll see what we can do!