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VP of Marketing | TechMarketeers Well, after a B.S. in mathematics I went on to gain my M.S. in Computer Science from Purdue and began my 30-year career as a software engineer. I transitioned into marketing fairly early in my career and have held numerous VP of Marketing positions. Along the way I have worked in hardware, software and even supercomputing organizations (Adtron, JD Edwards, Sequent), from startups (Flashline & Apollo) to Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Digital Equipment, and Control Data. I have also spent time with other specialist marketing firms such as Neodata, a database marketing and fulfillment company where I fine-tuned my understanding in 1-1 marketing and the use of analytics in all campaigns. I currently serve as the VP of Marketing for TechMarketeers, specialists in hi-tech marketing.

Is Trade Show Swag Worth It?

Trade show giveaways can be useful, but more often than not, they end up in hotel room garbage cans. Event planners get all sorts of advice on what to give away at the next trade show. Free pens, stress balls, memory sticks and water bottles are just a few of the items that adorn booths around the expo hall.  It is fair to say that almost everyone seems to think that you must have a great giveaway to get attendees into your booth. Everyone, that is, except those that have to justify the expense. Like Zibit more [...]

A Couple of Frequently Ignored Trade Show Rules

Ignore These Trade Show Rules At Your Peril And Improve Results When You Next Staff An Exhibit Booth As someone who attends a great number of shows, there seems to be a few rules that get ignored more ofter than they are followed.  Here are a few that appear to be ignored by almost everyone. Inconsistent Booth Personnel Training I am always surprised by the number of booth personnel that stumble over the “what-do-you do” question (the basic elevator pitch) or didn’t know how to talk about Zibit more [...]

Pre-show Marketing – What Not To Do With The Show Registration List

Using generic email blasts to untargeted registration lists is a waste of time. Here’s how to get those coveted new leads. One thing that almost all trade show attendees agree on is that the flurry of pre-show emails they receive from show exhibitors are at best, annoying. These emails frequently use phrases such as “can’t wait to see you” (from someone you have never heard of), “visit us at booth #12345” (from someone who did not provide a reason why you should do that) or “see us Zibit more [...]

What Is Event Marketing?

Marketers have used events to promote their products for centuries. Vendors can be sponsors (logos on cars at a NASCAR event), participants (session leaders at a conference) or exhibitors at a trade show. In its broadest definition, event marketing is using an activity (e.g. trade fair, sporting event, street festival, concert or a themed meeting) to promote a product, brand or cause. The goal of event marketing activities can be to start a relationship, build a brand, move purchasers through the Zibit more [...]

Pre-show Marketing – Maximizing Trade Show Face-to-Face Time

Trade shows are all about meeting people. Setting up meetings with your key personnel may well be the most important pre-show marketing activity you do. In the event marketing game, a major reason for attending or exhibiting is to have conversations with people without the use of a digital device! Surveys show that over 90% of professionals believe face-to-face meetings are essential to build the partnerships and relationships essential to doing business. In fact, business buyers consider trade Zibit more [...]

Are Trade Shows Worth It? (Part 2)

In a previous post, I talked about the most typical measures of trade show payback (ROI) - increased sales. In this post, I'll cover additional things that you can do at trade shows that may actually contribute more value to your overall marketing programs that increased sales! Brand Building Companies can increase brand exposure in several ways.  A stand-out booth design and a creative, interesting exhibit or demonstration can cause show attendees to notice you. The show also offers sponsorships Zibit more [...]

Pre-show Planning – Reaching Your Goals

To answer the "was it a good show?" question you must first know what you were trying to accomplish. There is a great deal of information available on the web and in the bookstore on event planning. Almost all of these sources include checklists to help you with your planning efforts. Unfortunately, at least to my way of thinking, these checklists tend to focus on the exhibit itself (booth design and layout, signage, displays and demonstrations) and booth staffing. While these are certainly very Zibit more [...]

Pre-show Promotion Can Make or Break Trade Show Success

Trade show budgets easily run to 5 digits. Effective show promotion can quadruple your booth results. It is quite natural for trade show specialists to focus on the design and preparation of their booth. It takes a great deal of time, effort and the participation of many people (and agencies)  to create an effective layout, prepare signage, develop displays and demonstrations, select and train booth staff and handle all of the logistical details of a trade show. However, there are all sorts Zibit more [...]

Trade Show Budgeting – Part 1

A recent Forrester Research report on B2B marketing budgets provided several interesting insights into trade show budgets. As expected, trade shows continue to be the single biggest line item in a B2B marketing budget representing almost 20% of the overall budget. Perhaps more interesting is the fact the 30% of marketers told Forrester they would decrease their live event budget while 21% said they would increase it. The question I sometimes ask clients who believe their trade show budget is too Zibit more [...]

Are Trade Shows Worth It?

It is unfortunate that a frequently heard justification used to exhibit at a trade show is “we’ve got to go or people will think we are having problems and can’t afford it.” And it is almost always the case that the sales force believes that trade shows never generate enough leads and that most of them are worthless anyway. Not a great start on a ROI discussion! It is true that trade shows are expensive. Exhibit space, booth design (and storage, shipping. setup and teardown), custom signage Zibit more [...]