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Pre-show Marketing – Maximizing Trade Show Face-to-Face Time

Trade shows are all about meeting people. Setting up meetings with your key personnel may well be the most important pre-show marketing activity you do. In the event marketing game, a major reason for attending or exhibiting is to have conversations with people without the use of a digital device! Surveys show that over 90% of professionals believe face-to-face meetings are essential to build the partnerships and relationships essential to doing business. In fact, business buyers consider trade Zibit more [...]

Pre-show Marketing – Maximizing Your Publicity Exposure

Earning media coverage at a trade show is hard work. Getting that meeting with a journalist or industry analyst is critical. While finding new business opportunities is almost always the most visible goal for a trade show, garnering “more than your fair share” of publicity at the show and enhancing your relationships with journalists and industry analysts can significantly increase the return on your trade show investment. With their keynote speeches by industry notables and large number Zibit more [...]