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There are so many diverse Trade shows, conferences and industry events out there. How do you figure out which ones to attend? Whether you are a potential buyer or researcher looking for information and education, or an exhibitor looking to meet those same buyers and product recommenders, navigating the wilderness is a daunting task. In the fast paced and dynamic hi-tech world, such events have been and will continue to be one of the leading ways of bringing together buyers and providers. It has always been difficult to gain a complete picture of all the available hi-tech events and to figure out which ones best meet your needs. Until now!

TechZibits is the World’s Only Dedicated Hi-Tech Event Resource and Your Guide through the Trade Show Wilderness.

Why TechZibits? We (the creators of TechZibits) have felt your pain first hand. With over 75 years of hands on marketing experience in the high tech sectors, from Networking and Telecoms to software and supercomputing, we have spent more hours on trade show floors than we care to remember. As we put together our industry research and events budgets we never had any external resources that we could use as we put many man hours into maintaining our own information base. We often would lament the lack of any independent service where we could find all the event information we needed in a single place. Then the lightbulb went on and TechZibits was born. Trade shows have always been exciting and daunting at the same time but with TechZibits as your guide to the hi-tech trade show wilderness we can help you on your travels and help you minimize your trade show tribulations.


Trade shows cater to two primary audiences. First are the attendees who are looking to increase their knowledge on a particular industry, market or product sector. The second audiences are the marketeers for companies that service the particular industry the event represents. They wish to use the event to do everything from introduce or extend their brand to generate new sales leads. TechZibits recognizes that these two audiences both need comprehensive information on the plethora of hi-tech trade shows but have a distinctly different view point. We have therefore created to different approaches to researching and viewing the data contained in the TechZibits guide through the trade show wilderness.