Once Again,
Why am I Here?


Let’s face it – being one of a hundred trade show attendees is fun! You are in a big city (i.e. not in your office) getting paid to attend a few conference sessions and wander around an exhibit hall or two. While attending, you are showered with free stuff by people who just want to scan your badge and get to attend hospitality events with all sorts of great entertainment, tasty food to nibble on and your preferred beverage. What‘s not to like?!


Don't get Lost


If it were only so! Attending a trade show is serious business. Adding up hard costs (registration fees, travel expenses, etc.) can easily reach thousands of dollars. When you consider that a large, single show, such as the recent Consumer Electronics Show had over 150,000 attendees – well, you do the math.


Like almost everything in life, preparation is the key to getting the most value from your trade show investment. By using TechZibits and the tips you can find across all our resources, you can become a great trade show attendee and earn the opportunity to attend future shows!


Two final thoughts. First, you should follow the advice of the famous David Livingstone: “I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.” Second, there is one thing about trade shows that even TechZibits can not help you with…sore feet!