Day 1 At MWC 2012


In a late January post, I tried to predict what some of the big announcements would be at Mobile World Congress (MWC).  Now that the Day 1 hoopla is over, let’s see how I faired as your fearless prognosticator.

As predicted, Nokia lead off with three (the Asha 202, 203 and 302) new S40 devices (S40 is Nokia’s Series 40 software platform and UI) and a new Nokia Life SMS-based service that provides ‘life-enhancing information’ on a subscription basis. They also announced Nokia Traffic for Windows Phone, a service that provides public transport information to help you get around town.

On the mobile device front, new devices from Nokia, ZTE, Huawei, HTC, ASUS and Samsung were announced. Asus announced two tablets based on the quad-core Tegra 3 chipset, including the Asus Padfone, which comes in two parts – a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor-based Android phone that slides into a 10.1-inch tablet.

A very interesting presentation by Bill Ford, Ford Motor Company’s Executive Chairman, focused on Ford’s ‘Blueprint for Mobility – Mr. Ford’s vision for the future of the connected car.   Predicting a future that included 4 billion cars by 2050, one of the goals of the connected car is to help avoid the prospect of ‘global gridlock.’ He believes that we need to take a ‘Internet of Things’ perspective where every part of the global transport network is connected and cars are ‘intelligent and can talk to one another.’ You can read more about this presentation here.

Of course, I have barely scratched the surface of the Day 1 MWC news.  As a prognosticator, I’ll give myself a B+.