LeWeb - Eurosites Les Docks Paris

LeWeb 2014 – Eurosites Paris


For the latest in digital Innovation LeWeb at Eurosites in Paris is the place to be on December 9th 2014

LeWeb was organized for the first time in 2004 by two French entrepreneurs, Geraldine Le Meur and Loïc as a platform for digital innovation. It is now one of the most popular digital innovation conferences in the western hemisphere and a melting pot for ideas, trends and digital strategies. The event will be held between 9 and 12 December at the Eurosites Les Docks in Paris. Last year, the event was held in London so this year’s LeWeb is a homecoming of sorts.

LeWeb is popular with startups, tech companies and leading brands in the digital media sector. The organizers are expecting 3200 participants from more than 80 countries to be a part of LeWeb 2014. More than 300 journalists will be covering the event, so companies that are a part of the event will get great media exposure too.

LeWeb 2014 will be a two-stage event

The event will be held at the Pullman stage and Eiffel Stage. Each stage has its own curators and unique speakers. The curators have lined up an excellent set of speakers for each trending topic. They will also present and moderate the sessions as they happen. Some of the curators at Pullman stage are Julien Codorniou, Director, Platform Partnerships at Facebook (will participate in the session on European startups) and Dr. James L. McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst and author at Forrester Research (wearable computing).

Eric Archambeau, General Partner at Wellington Partners (Investors’ Roundtable), Jeff Bonforte, Senior Vice President of Communication Products at Yahoo (‘Wild Rides’) and Philippe Botteri from Accel Partners (Investors’ Roundtable) are some of the personalities on the speakers list.

The Eiffel stage will be curated by Ben Costantini, Conference and Content Manager at LeWeb and Cedric Giorgi, who heads Startup Relations at SIGFOX (will participate in the forum for digital transformation). The speakers include Micheal Aidan, Vice President Digital Brand Platforms and Digital Head at Danone Group (standalone session) and Lars Silberbauer Andersen, Global Director for Social Media and Search at LEGO (standalone session). In total, there will be 65 speakers at the Pullman stage and 29 speakers at the Eiffel stage.

Finals of the LeWeb Startup Competition will be held at the event

Seventeen startups have been chosen from four cities (Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Barcelona) and they will be given a chance to pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of judges at the finals in LeWeb Paris in December. It is an opportunity for the startups to expose their brands to international media. It is also a great stage for them to showcase their ideas and projects, meet investors and even potential partners.

Some of the companies that will be pitching in the competition are crowdEMOTION (crowd-based facial coding), Jukedeck (personalized music), Natural Cycles (pregnancy prevention), Noki (smart door lock), Pilo.cool (movement powered battery), Proxy42 Inc (mobile gaming) and Styla (magazine-like layouts for web pages).

There will also be an Investors’ Roundtable meeting at LeWeb 2014. The Investors’ Roundtable has been a long tradition at LeWeb. Come December, some of the brightest stars from the VC community will sit together at LeWeb and talk about the current investing landscape, upcoming opportunities and challenges.

The proceedings at LeWeb will be closely watched by digital media enthusiasts, careerists and digital media evangelists from all over the world.