Network Security 2015


From the SANS Institute comes Network Security 2015, to be held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, September 12 – 21. More than 40 hands-on courses are offered, taught by real-world practitioners, and promising the immersion-style training that you need for your business. The SANS Institute, a cooperative research and education organization, was established in 1989, and is dedicated to sharing lessons learned and solutions to challenges faced by security practitioners globally. SANS also makes available cutting edge research at no cost, and operates the Internet’s early warning system – the Internet Storm Center.

The event schedule consists of GSE Lab Examination, and courses lasting from one to six days. In addition attendees can participate in a CORE Netwars Tournament – a live, timed event running over an intense two days. Or perhaps the SANS DFIR Netwars Tournament will help to hone your security skills. Both these events are ‘pressure cookers’ allowing participants to work to solve problems in real time, and sharpen skills related to data breaches and serious crimes. These simulations can’t be underestimated for quality and relevance.

Event Simulcast is available for Network Security 2015, enabling remote attendees to enter digital classrooms to participate in trainings. You can log in live to the conference. Instructors include Bryce Galbraith, who hadsheld security positions at global ISPs and Fortune 500 companies. He is the owner of Layered Security, which provides vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services for clients. He is also co-author of Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets and Solutions. Also instructing is Jess Garcia, founder and technical lead of One eSecurity, a global company specializing in incident response and digital forensics. Garcia is an internationally recognized expert in digital forensics and cybersecurity, and a regularly invited speaker at security and DFIR conferences worldwide.

Attendance at the SANS conference will give you techniques and know how to put to use immediately at your workplace. Top instructors and meaningful simulationsmean that attendance at Network Securuty 2015 can’t help but be a good investment in the security of your company and your personal expertise.

Rina Kenton
Rina Kenton, an English teacher for over 30 years, runs her own tutoring business. She has taught all aspects of English and literature from middle-school through the college level. Rina’s teaching career began in London, England, where she taught English and Theatre in high school. After moving to Arizona in 1999, she joined the faculty of Pardes Jewish Day School. She was integral to the development of the middle school curriculum, and saw the school grow and flourish over twelve years. Rina began to teach SAT students alongside her day job and is now an experienced SAT prep teacher. Rina is an expert in all aspects of the reading, writing and essay elements of the SAT.