RSA 2013 – Security in Knowledge


Every year, there are two aspects of the RSA Conference that capture my attention. First are the new types of threats that are brought out and discussed.  These new threats tend to be taken from the headlines of last year’s top security stories. Mobile security, advanced persistent threat and DDoS attacks on banks are highlighted topics for the upcoming conference – all familiar stories from last year.  Keynote speakers will also be addressing topics such as how Big Data Redefines Security and how the machine-2-machine world of intelligent devices is bringing on a New Era for Security.  There are also 7 new tracks in this year’s program, including one that caught my attention on Security Trends and Innovations which will cover emerging technology/business trends, indicating just how rapidly the security world changes.

The 2nd topic of particular interest to me is how all the new security defense mechanisms will impact the underlying platforms. This is rarely a topic brought up in sessions, but is very important for a platform vendor such as Advantech to understand. It’s a no-brainer that as more-and-more highly context sensitive security applications are put in place, the more performance is required so as not to increase network latency to undesirable levels. But it is important to dig a bit deeper to understand how appliances, platforms and systems can be better optimized to cost-effectively support security applications.